Leading at AN

People who are considering or are involved in leadership roles at All Nations need to express (or desire to express) the following Biblical guidelines. They are summarised to help in us understand and to practice the standards that God is calling us to value and display.

*This list is a compilation of the leadership requirements Paul outlines in 1 Timothy.


Has a growing relationship with God; Understands and lives out God’s will (revealed by Jesus and the apostles witness in the Bible).

Good role model

Others observe in them what it means to be like Jesus.

Faithful in prayer

Prays regularly.

Servant nature

Exhibits a heart to serve others, following Jesus’ example.


Can submit to others; accepts authority.


Is welcoming to new people; expresses friendship and hospitality.

Has healthy relationships

Shows healthy relationships with parents, siblings, wife/husband and own children.

Manages their life well

Shows responsibility with money; can run a home with reasonable order; can hold a job with a balanced life; can study with a balanced life.

Displays the Fruit of the Spirit

Shows: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

Not a new Christian

Has been a believer for at least a year, preferably longer.

Has Integrity

Shows they are faithful, reliable and aims to live consistently according to God’s word in all areas of life.

Above reproach

May struggle with sin, but doesn’t sin habitually.


Not excessive or extreme in the way they conduct their life.


They are able to control appetites and desires.


Other people look upon them with admiration

Not addicted to wine

Not violent

Free from the love of money

Committed to AN

Regularly attends Sunday meetings, Home group and prayer meetings; Is a strong partner in the ministry of AN; Has a strong and growing relationship with the people in All Nations; Is a member of AN; Understands that God has called them to make AN their spiritual home.